The automotive industry is one of the most important economic sectors on the planet. It is a huge employer of skilled workforce and a key driver of innovation. Modern vehicles are safer, more fuel efficient, and more technically advanced than ever before.

However, globalization, deep structural change, and manufacturing competitiveness impose new challenges and new opportunities for companies in the automotive value chain. Most successful automakers are expected to be those that operate more like high-tech companies and strive to make in-car consumer experience more compelling.

Thus, to boost new car sales, automotive players are increasingly incorporating in cars, trucks and buses latest advancements in wireless communication and computing technologies. In-vehicle environments are being enhanced with infotainment and telematics solutions.

Vehicle telematics encompasses the use of computing, sensing and telecommunication technologies which aid the driving function through features assisting in safety and service tasks. Infotainment refers to the integration of all multimedia features, such as audio, video, telephony, navigation.

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