Intelligent Character Recognition

Intelligent Character Recognition

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) Clean up is an advanced version of OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which is used to improve the accuracy in recognition levels. With this technique you can know about the font and different styles of hand writing during processing. It is a computer translation process for transforming handwritten text into machine readable strings and documents.

We provide intelligent character recognition service which automatically updates the recognition database processing service when new hand writing patterns are released. We also provide the High mobility low cost solution for intelligent character recognition. Taking advantage of our ICR processing service can make a dramatic increase in productivity of business automation and information processing applications.

Some features and benefits of ICR system include:

  • Can recognize any text of a form or a check
  • Any existing business form can be digitally enabled
  • Fast and easy to evaluate and roll out
  • Allows manual key boarding reduction
  • Maximum process automation of documents
  • Recognize text regardless of its specific typeface, style or size.
  • Batch processing
  • Automated updating, reports display and automated mass spectra interpretation
  • Automatic checking of the information against databases and dictionaries
  • Costs reduction for your business
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